Monday, July 27, 2009

"Satan's Spawn"

Yes, in my case, that would be "AT&T"...and they are currently at my disposal right now! I have indeed waged war with them! And you ask, why? Let me tell you, please!!

My bill was due on July 7th, and I paid $151.48, and put $53.47 in claims, because they couldn't tell me where those charges came from. They told me that someone would call me back, but alas, never did. So I think that everything is hunky doory, right? Then wham, on Saturday, my cell phone isn't working, but my home phone and my DSL are? WTH? Did I mention that I went out of town to the lake all weekend and that Tay is in Branson with her father and they have no way of contacting me and vice versa?? So Saturday I couldn't get in touch with AT&T customer service, go figure! Sunday comes along and I am able to get ahold of someone and they said this.."I can't seem to figure out why your mobile has been suspended, you don't have any late charges or late fees?" "Hmm, but I can't turn your phone back on, because I don't know why they turned it off in the first place." Someone please explain this mumbo jumbo to me, cause it sure ain't making sense!! So me, desperate to have connection with my daughter said, so If I pay the bill that isn't even due till 8/7, will that turn on my phone? She says, Oh, yes ma'am, so I pay the blankety blank cell phone ever got turned back on.

So today is Monday, still no cell service, I'm seeing RED DAGERS!! I called them at precisely 8 am, and just now got off the phone. Heidi, the sweet girl that she is, had to turn it back on, but of course I wanted upper management to handle my rage. So luckily I got 2 very understanding gals on the phone, oh but I did mention that I was about to go postal and tell them to stick all 3 of my AT&T services where the sun doesn't shine(this is the rated version).

Apparently, that person back on 7/7 didn't actually put those charges in claims, so they turned my phone off over 50 smackers. Yes, 50 smackers!! Craziness, huh? So now they are trying to make me a "very satisfied customer"... I told them, I guess 6 years of paying bills on time does nothing for ones account. If your willing to turn it off over such a petty amount, then perhaps I do need to go elsewhere. So they are trying to make me a happy customer, this gal is supposed to call me back when she gets all my credits done. Think she really will??

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh yeah?

O about 6-8 weeks ago, I got a new's the curly version from the lake on Saturday...

I have a complaint...

Tay has been in about the same size for almost 2 years now, so I guess it's time, but geez louise, overnight, she has blossomed, literally. She is still technically 7 years young for another 2 months, so I am totally not ready for all this changing.

We are having a big yard sale in a few weeks, so I wanted her to try on some stuff so I knew what to put in and what not to put in. I'll just say that anything and everything she was wearing 6 weeks ago, she can't even get buttoned or furthermore over her hips. Oh, and she has buds, yes, Those Kind of BUDS!! Dude, she's 7, not 12. For the love of my sanity, can we not prolong this for at least a few more years?? She has officially started wearing a, Nope, I can't say it, I just can't. So alas, she gets a whole new wardrobe, I thought that crap only happened to me!!

The last 6 months or so, she has developed a love of high heels, any kind, any color, just high heels. I bet she has 5 pair of them already, oh, and she's wearing a womens size 5-6 shoe!! So the other day I walk past her room, she has the radio blaring, she is wearing high heels, daisy dukes and a tank top, and she is parading around the pole on her bed(4 poster bed)!! I stopped in my tracks, and said, " What exactly are you doing, child?" She just laughed at me and smiled! I said, you are not a stripper and never will be!! Stop it now!! Where is she seeing this crap?? It's official, I am putting a brick on her head as soon as she comes home from Branson!!

This one's for you, Krissi!!

Since I haven't posted in a week or two, ok, more like a few months, and SOMEONE who will remain anonymous brought it to my attention, here goes nothing. I'm not sure where to even start, so I will start with the most recent.

Tay went to her daddy's on Friday for a whole week, so I took advantage of this and decided to go hang out with a friend in Little Rock. We decide to go eat at this Irish Pub where someone recommended I try the "drunken irish nurse"..go figure! I'll just say that either I have turned into the biggest weeny on the face of the earth or that was the strongest drink I have quite possibly ever had. One drink and I passed it on to my friend, and he drank it. Much to his surprise, an hour or so later, we are making a mad dash back to his house because he is SICK!! So glad I didn't finish the drink!! So much for our fun-filled evening!!

So after breakfast and shopping on Saturday, we load up and go to the lake house in Hot Springs, and spend the rest of the afternoon on the boat, catching some rays. What bliss! We decide to go out to Rolando's for dinner with some awesome people and sit on the patio, more like a veranda which is halfway up the mountain overlooking Hot Springs, did I mention way cool, the service sucked, but the food was awesome! What a combo, eh?

We attempted to take the boat out Sunday for a bit, but the weather was not cooperating..GRRRR!! So now I'm all back to reality, and working on the house. I'll just say the few days away was a very much needed mini vacay!! Now it's time to plan a bigger one!! Ideas, anyone?