Monday, February 16, 2009

Ride of my life....

I met this guy and we've been talking for a couple weeks... he invited us up on Saturday, V-day to go muddin. As in we, Tay and I, that scared me a bit, cause I don't normally allow people the pleasure of meeting my hooligan that early on....but reluctantly, I thought do I give Tay a code word, for let's get the hell outta here or do I just play it cool? So I played it cool, and away we went...

We get there, and she plays the hide behind me game for the first 10 minutes or so...then she came out of her shell and the game was on.. We jump on the 4-wheelers and go across the street to a huge muddy field and I'll just say, it was a blast to say the least, we were covered from head to toe, soaking wet with mud, and everyone loved it. We went back to the house to clean up, because we were famished, and ended up at Cheddars. Yum, that place is my new love! After eating, he was talking about his Harley and Tay chimes in and says, I wanna go for a ride, I'm thinking, WTH? She won't even ride with our best friends that have a Harley, much less a complete stranger to her? Then he says, my bike is at my parents house, and I cringe, not only have I already met one of three brothers, I get to meet the parents too, yikes. So we go to his parents house, get the bike out, It's friggin sweet, might I add!! I thought as soon as she heard how loud it is, she would chicken out, hell no she didn't. He put the helmet on her, and away they went. I assured myself that she wouldn't make it past the stop sign, wrong, she made it all the way from Panama to Fort Smith, in the rain, I might add! I drove behind them all the way back, and I was wiggin out, I mean my heart was trying to come through my chest. It wasn't him I was worried about, it was all the other idiots on the road. We get back to the house, and he says, Tay, you rock girlfriend, you didn't complain or whine the whole time, and it started raining, was cold, and you rode over 30 miles, you can be my biker chick and ride my Harley anytime!! Needless to say, my heart finally calmed down, and I could breathe again. She loved it, and now thinks she is a *Rockstar*..

Then he and I took a five minute ride in the rain, and it was pretty awesome too! I think I might could be a biker So all in all, it was a great day, we all had fun!! I took a pic of Tay on the bike at the gas station, I wasn't about to try to take one driving down the road, I might have ran them over!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Far Behind...

Yes, my dear it tis an Old Candlebox song, one of my fave oldie but goodies!! However, it has nothing to do with this post. It is actually just to tell you all, that's how I feel right now in my blogging abilities....I have been sick, and I don't just mean, a cold...I mean a sinus/ear infection from hell...that held on for over 2 weeks...geez, and I have 2 whole feel good days, and then what do I get, the good ol gut wrenching hug the toilet kind of sickness!! I am sooo ready to have some feel good days again, that is not exactly my idea of any sensible way to lose weight!! So after tomorrow, I will have some news...gossip to share, lol. Stay tuned....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Taking Krissi's lead....

Ok, so even though I feel like absolute dogsnot right now(I think my head may explode at anytime), I am going to post some funny, crazy and qwerky things about me. You all do the same, mmm, k!!

1. I am so with Krissi on this one. It is a must, the toilet paper must roll from the top down, not the BOTTOM. If I come to your house, and it's not right, I WILL FIX IT!! Even my daughter has this figured out at 7 years of age.

2. Like Krissi, I also have several fake teeth in my head! The entire top left half is fake. Granted it doesn't come out, but nonetheless, it's weird, k. Thanks to the numerous car accidents and going through windshields, I just couldn't have it any other way.

3. I absolutely cannot go a day without SWEET TEA! It's my love. I have given up cokes, my love was dr. pepper, but I have tried, and I assure you, you do not want to encounter me without my daily dose (more like a whole gallon)!!

4. I have never been married. Yes, I have an adorable daughter that I received as a true blessing, but starting to wonder if the whole marriage thing is for me??

5. I bought my own home last year, which I am very proud of!!

6. I have a moderate case of OCD, no I do not take medicine, but maybe I should. I am a clean freak, and most generally, my house is gonna be clean and perfect. My desk at work is very organized and mannerly, and it drives me INSANE that the other girls desk in my office is NOT!! Yikes, thank goodness, I sit with my back to it, or I might have a breakdown right there at work!

7. I'll go with a few of my favorite things right now. I am totally addicted to Ed Hardy perfume, love it! I wanted an Ed Hardy shirt, and this weekend when we were in Dallas shopping, we went into Neiman Marcus to buy one, $80 bucks, I shant think NOT!

8. I'm in shock at the fact that I am nearly 30 years old and just bought my first real authentic Coach Purse. Ok I admit, I bought Tay one too, and she's so in heaven. We're twinkies, yes they match!

9. Stupid people drive me nuts! Really, people with no common sense really shouldn't venture out of their homes, or especially come into my office at work! I lose my patience with them very fast!

10. Oh and this one especially! If you are coming to the Dr....please, please for the love of GOD, take a bath, a shower, wash in those unmentionable places!! There is nothing I hate worse than this!!

11. I usually speak my mind and have a really hard time biting my tongue, some days it's worse than others. LOL

12. I hate, hate, getting up early. I so value my sleep and have Tay trained in this.

13. I have a 2nd child, who is spoiled almost as much as the first, her name is Angel, our cat!!

14. I'm very independent and like to do my own thing. I do not like being controlled by anyone, especially a man. I'm a very spontaneous fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal.

15. I have had over 10 surgeries and been in a coma twice. I am a walking miracle!!

16. I love to play card games, like Rummy or Spaids, and I will kick your bootie if given the chance!!

17. I hate doing laundry, there is some piled in the floor as we speak that is just calling my name!

18. I am prone to sinus infections...and I hate them, have one right now, and praying that it will go away!! Have had 3 in the last 5-6 months!

19. Even though I am an only child, I have 1 half sister, 5 step-sisters and 1 step-brother. The only of which I claim is my half sister!! Now I know you all have family like that, right!!

20. I absolutely positively cannot stand for my feet to be touched! I mean by no one!! I think feet are ugly and gross! Ewww...

21. I love to cook, and am really good at it, but I hate, hate, hate to clean up the mess!

22. I'm really a southern country girl with good taste!! Grew up in BFE!!

Perhaps now you all know a little more about me! Your turn!!

Justed wanted to let you all know...

that Tay had her check-up with her surgeon today and everything went really well. He was impressed that she was doing so well because the two masses that he took out were entertwined in 2 different nerves and being so, it made surgery alot harder and tedious then he had originally planned.

With that being said, the results of the pathology are this......Chocolate cake, lol, no but might as well be, because it came back as Benign Reactive Lymphoid Hyperplasia, which to all of you means that well, she had two lymph nodes that he took completely out because they were so enlarged and pressing on nerves thus causing pain. The rest means that they don't know why they were enlarged but whatever it is, is nothing to be worried about! So Praise God for that!! Again, thank you for your support and prayers! Love you guys!!