Saturday, November 29, 2008

For the love of God....

Everyone knows that it's deer season and thank goodness it is almost over! I am forbidden to say anything about my hunny's huntin! But man, is it hard? And what makes it worse, is a month ago, he popped off and said, oh, I can goof off and kill more than Jared or dad, and don't worry, I'll fill your freezer full!! My, how the tides have turned! He certifiably jinxed hisself is what he did, he killed a doe with his bow, got nothing with his muzzleloader and still nothing during rifle season. However, the other night, he did bring home some roadkill, lol! Don't ask! Ask me how I know all this, because it is making my life miserable, that's why!! Season ends tomorrow in Zone 11, blah, blah, and next Sunday in Zone such and such!! So basically he told me tonight that if I could put up with it another week, I would have him back, lol. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. He says that not killing anything doesn't bother him, and I told him that he was going to hell for lying! So he finally admitted it, and I told him that whether or not he knew it, he was grumpy and bitter, and I was ready to have my sweetness back.

Then he informs me that the month of April is turkey season and well, if I thought he was MIA during November, I haven't seen anything yet! Oh boy, I can't wait! At least theres almost 6 months between them. This huntin season crap is like mens very own PMS month...and they say we get grumpy, doubt it!

So yall, please pray for my sanity and let that man kill something tomorrow, whether it have horns or not! Otherwise I may inevitably go stark raving mad!

Oh and BTW, just in case anyone else is reading this, in my defense, I don't mind the huntin, it's the not killing anything that makes my life miserable, because it makes him miserable whether he admits it or NOT!! Anyone else have these issues at home?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Madness

So against my better judgement I decided to go and show my face at this madness they call Black Friday. Now I know exactly why it's called Black Friday, Raving Lunatic Day would be more like it. OMG, I have never seen so many people packed into Wally World ever in my life. I mean, if the place was to blow, the entire populus of Polk County was there..Bye, Bye World!

Anyways, so this year, unlike other years, they let people in the doors, they just had everything black taped and I do mean, black taped, garbage bagged up, not even a toddler with a pair of scissors could get in there! People were lined up next to their most prized item of choice and then would attempt to get to the next item of choice, well, that was merely IMPOSSIBLE. They even had a countdown at 5 people could start ripping and tearing the bagged items. I had more than my fair share of getting the buggy rammed in my ankles, feet, back, butt and frankly it was more than enough for me. Hell, you couldn't see peoples feet, or anything else for that matter. It looked like WWII went off in there, only with people. I tried to be polite and say excuse me, sorry, may I please get through, but by the end, it is totally a lost cause and you pray that no one is gonna take you out and attempt to end your life over something so stupid. But with me being 7 feet tall and bulletproof, I have yet to have that happen, not even today.

I spoke with someone who had been there since 2:30 am, I mean, really people, is anything out there worth getting up at 2 am and standing in line for 2 1/2 hours, I think not. Not in my book anyways. I was there at 5 am and don't think the chickens had even started crowing yet! However, I would like to mention that I was able to get everything that I wanted from the madness and I didn't get up at 2 am, heck I didn't even go to bed at all, but we aren't even gonna talk about that here, LOL. (I'll just say that it was totally worth it, you get the picture, right)?

So now I can say that all of my shopping is totally done, praise GOD! Now, in my raging insanity, I have 3 kids running around my feet since coming home from the said madness. I think I must have forgotten that I have had Zero hours of sleep when I agreed to watch the kids so my mom and sister could go shopping. Yikes, and to think I actually considered having another one in the future. Wow, what a dream!! NOT!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blessings from Above...

Here I sit, in bloggy world while everything I have slaved for this morning in the kitchen may be on fire and black by now, lol! I am responsible for all of the pies, just to name a few, sweet potatoe pecan (yummy if I do say so myself) apple, pumpkin, chocolate turtle and last but not least peanut butter pie, oh yum!! Oh yeah, I also am making homemade yeast rolls, those big fluffy ones that melt in your mouth, yall just pray that I don't screw those up!!

And for those of you that know the details of my life and the shenanigans that it encompasses, yesterday was a very good day. I got approved for my unemployment and got another large cash flow that came in, so Thank You, Lord for those wonderful blessings, everything is going to be ok. It never ceases to amaze me how he follows through so well and I am well, so far from perfect. But I give Him all the glory.

Just wanted to wish you all a very blessed day with family and friends, and that we can truly open our eyes and our hearts and cherish all the wonderful gifts that we have received and give thanks to the One who has provided so much! Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chillin with my gnomies....

I admit I haven't read the books yet, keyword yet, see end of blog. I have, however, seen all the previews and my addict friends go absolutely apeshit!! One of my addict friends invited me to go eat, drink, be merry and go see Twilight on it's Premiere Friday night, and that's exactly what we did.

Six of us went to eat at On the Border which is just across the street from the theater. Shall we say that we were obnoxious, drunken beligerent fools that made quite a scene at not only the restaurant but also the theater. I have to admit that it was fun, I truly needed it and would do it again. See all the pics to follow....This was Amanda's wonderful park job on the curb, before we started consuming!

So being that I saw the movie and it was interesting and intrigues me...I admit that on the way home, I stopped at B&N and bought 2 of the books....which I have already started reading. Heck, even Tay has become fascinated with them, and that indeedy is scaring me!!

And last but not least...priceless

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Faced and Angry as Hell.....

So now that you all now that I lost me job due to something ever so stupid. Today...I went up to my previous office the right way, asked to speak to said previous boss, and the secretary came back and said that I needed to contact human resources.. I looked at her and said, you tell her to come out and talk to me because HR will not return my calls. So eventually the previous boss came out and I asked her to fill out an employment verification form so that I can get my OK license. She refused and said that she can't. My response, can't or won't?? She said, they(being HR) told her that she can't do anything for me. I said, this paper isn't for my unemployment, me being shit~canned or anything to do with anything, other than the fact that I worked there and worked greater than 520 hours in the last 2 years. She still refused. I told her that she cannot keep me from getting another job! At this point, I am getting furious, (and I even took Tay with me as a character witness), so if needed she could tell the truth about what took place. So I told the boss that I would be back if HR didn't return my calls again, and she informed me not to bother, that I was never welcome there and she would call the police and have me escorted off the premises. I said, for what, asking questions?? Go ahead, call them, what can they do? She then said, if you don't leave now, I will call them and have you taken away! I couldn't help but laugh out loud and say, really, what exactly would they be hauling me off for, as I have done NOTHING wrong. My nursing license IS NOT in jeopardy, I did not steal anything from this company, etc. She's making such a scene, and I was getting madder by the minute, so I laughed some more, and said "THIS IS A JOKE" and walked out the door. If flames could have emploded from my body, this would have been the day for it.

So then, we come home and I asked Tay if she had any homework, she said no. I was looking through her papers from yesterday and their was homework papers in big bold letters that was never completed or turned in. I took it to her and said, what is this? She said, I didn't know about it. I said, it's your responsibility to know about it. You are 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. This is not KINDERGARTEN anymore! I was so mad that she lied to me last night about not having any homework. So I tell her to sit down and do the homework right now. She does so and brings it to me so I can check it. I checked it and one was wrong...she had put 65-5, was 50, I told her it was incorrect and to go fix it. She then started arguing with me about the validity of the question and that it was not wrong. I threatened to get the fly swatter and beat her with it if she did not go sit down and fix the problem. After she sits down, she informs me of this, Oh, Mom, BTW, I had to sit in class during the last recess and do my homework that I didn't turn in this morning. Really, I said, fuming by now!! Thats funny, I so remember asking you earlier when I picked you up from school about your day, and your responce was that you had a great day, no problems, no getting in trouble, and so on. My, my, how this so turned out to be a Xanax Martini day! And it's only 5:00!! So then, Brian walks in...and said, wow, your face is very red......Really, no way, I would have never guessed after the events that have taken place in the last hour. Needless to say, I was already in the process of having a cold one, yes, I certifiably fell off the rocker. I still feel like I could explode into a million tiny little pieces. So Amanda, if I make it in one piece tomorrow, I will no doubt drink myself into oblivion!! Ok, maybe not quite oblivion!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Making use of my time

Most of you do not know, but I actually lost my job a week ago today. My, my, how good I am at hiding things. Sorry guys, don't take it personal. I went through the normal range of emotions, from being in denial the first day, to weepy sad the next, then ANGER, yes, I admit I was very angry, and vowed that if I ever saw that crazy woman in a dark alley that I would not be responsible for my actions. However, a week has passed and I have decided to make the most of it.

For starters I have scrubbed, cleaned out closets and even painted. But that didn't make me feel very resourceful, heck I even went with Brian last week and set some propane tanks. That was his way of trying to get me outta the house so I don't get depressed. Because any of you that know me, know that I can't sit still for very long. LOL

So when Tay asked if we were going to church yesterday, my reply was, YES, HEAVENS YES!! Go get ready. I'm not one that blasts my faith on other people, but we do go to church, a very good one in fact, and I have wanted for some time to be more involved and get to know those people better. But time has been something that I haven't had much of, till recently. I feel that I have so fallen away from the *right path* if that makes sense to any of you. So yesterday we spent almost all day at church, and they made me feel so much better. Heck, a girl that I have known for years but haven't really seen much, came up to me, and said, Hunny, something is wrong, would you like to talk about it? I poured out my heart, boo-hooed and she offered to do anything to help with Tay and it was wow, what a relief. Imagine me, being very independent, stubborn and bull-headed enough as to not ever ask for help. So it was a real shocker to me when she said, whatever it takes, we'll get you through this. Heck, my family hasn't even said that! And her situation isn't just a whole lot better than mine. So kudos to her for being there for me!

Then our church has what is called "Lifegroups", where a few families get together and talk, study a topic, share tears, fears and just really get to know these other families. Tay and I went last night, where my newfound friend and her family were there also. It was great, just to share with other people and for them to expect nothing from you and give you a shoulder to cry on and not judge you. There are lots of kids, so they all run around and play and have a little lesson of their own. Another girl there also had the same experience as me last week and lost her job. It's scary to know that it's coming for alot of people. I offered to help with our upcoming Christmas play and whatever else they might need. Hopefully it will make me feel resourceful! But I feel better today knowing that I am going to get to know all of these people better and that they are right down the street if I need them. I'll be the first to admit that I need more of Jesus in my life and He will see that I am fulfilled in my life. Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to just dance with you!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Pics as Promised....

Here are the fall pics that I promised. I love and adore them, however the pic of just me, I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I love the pic and the background but the look on my face is well, almost disturbing to say the least! Oh, and I did this brilliant thing of ordering all my pics online at Kodak Gallery and they are now officially on my sh*t list. They sent me one pic, yes one out of over 75 that I ordered. And in very small print at the bottom of the invoice it reads, (Your order may be shipped in multiple shipments). Oh boy, just what I wanted to hear, I may have to wait til tomorrow, or friggin next week to get the other 74!! Shouldn't there be a law against torment when you are paying good money for something?? To that I say, WTF??