Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Pics

Tay and I haven't had pics done since last summer, so today, Kyleen took some amazing fall outdoorsy pics of the two of us!! I absolutely am going to go crazy waiting for her to get them all ready this week. Is it just me, or is that not knowing how they are going to turn out (how good or bad they are) is just brutal having to wait a whole week?? Tay is in that 2nd grade teeth stage, and gosh those pics will be hidden forever if and when she ever realizes how bad her teeth looked at that age. Yes, I know that is a awful thing to say, however, some of you aren't there yet with your chitlins and their God awful permanent teeth that come in so awkwardly!! But until then, I will cherish those pics and moments of awkwardness forever!! Yes, yes, as soon as I lay my eyes on them, they will be published for all to see!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

From the Cockpit

The Flying Lawnmower....yup, only in Arkansas

Taking Off....

Got my feet planted back on the ground, whew!!

The Big Ol Town of Mena, AR......

If you look towards the top left, that is Janssen Park, things look really neat from above....

Every year they have the beloved Wheels & Wings Fest in Mena, that is always around the time of the changing of colors rally with CMA. This weekend just happened to be it. A buddy of mine asked us if we wanted to go ride in a airplane as part of the show. Me, being totally nieve, said, sure, we'd love to!! Imagine my surprise that it cost $25 bucks a head, wow, thats highway robbery for a 20 minute ride from hell!! After the ride, I think they should have paid me the $100 bucks, even though I didn't pay for it. Now I will tell you why.......

I have been sick with the sinus/allergy gunk for over a month and it just will not go away. After numerous drug induced days and nights, I am really in a fog. Today, we were in a hurry and I didn't eat anything, and am on all sorts of medicine. I think not eating in the long run was probably better for everyone, including myself, as I had pictured loosing what I hadn't eaten in my purse!! Yes, indeedy this was my first plane ride, and most likely the last. I have been on numerous choppers which I love and somehow this ride didn't even compare!! The pilot was great, I don't think it was his doing, just merely the combination of not eating, the altitude with all the pressure already going on in my head and whatever else I can think of. I was told by my buddy that my face went through every shade of green. Thank goodness the pics are at the very beginning of the trip. The kids however, loved it, and Tay sat over there like she had done it time and time again. It didn't unnerve her at all, which I thought would surely happen. I have never been so happy to have my two feet back on the ground in all my life.

And last but not least as part of the show was flying objects. They had several, but my favorite was the flying lawnmower!! I wonder exactly how much grass he mows up there??

Monday, October 13, 2008


After dinner last night, Tay asked me what we were having tonight for dinner. I told her left overs, because there was plenty. She looked at me, and said, You may be, but I'm not. I'm going to Nana's. I said, really, and how exactly do you plan on getting there? She said, I don't know, I'll find a way! I explained that she wasn't going to Nana's, and that she would indeed be having leftovers. My, my, what a twist and turn of events.

This morning, my mom called, and asked what time Tay eats lunch, because she was going to be in town and wanted to have lunch with her. I told her the time and to be quite prepared because Tay would convince her to stay in town long enough to pick her up from school and thus her said story would come true. My mom laughed and said, ahh, I'm not going to be in town that long.

As I go on with my day, Mom called again, and said your suspicions were right, but didn't mention anything about taking her home, and said she would meet me at the house at 3:30 to give the cat her shots. I met her here and she said, Well, I am going to get Tay now. I said, what?? She said, yeah, I am taking her home. I said, you can't, then she's gonna think the world literally evolves around her. I was flabbergasted. Tay did not call my mom last night or today, unless she snuck in the bathroom and did it. So I'm convinced that Tay and Nana have a secret code or is it indeed ESP?

Ignorant as Piss

So again today I am traveling down Hwy 88, I have decided that this place is surely gonna be the death of me. And what do you know, but such intelligent electricians are changing the power over from the old poles to the new improved poles. Being the very smart men that they are, they decide to stop right over the edge of a hill in the middle of the road, mind you, where I am behind them but anyone else who flys over the top of the hill is not going to see them or me, until its way too late. So as I am sitting there with my window rolled down (Words cannot describe what I am thinking right now) with my flashers on waiting for the piss ignorant morons to move their ginormous truck outta the way so I can go around, (traffic is whizzing by me in the oncoming lane), thus I can't go around. Yup, I see it, a big hay truck hauling bootie coming over the hill, I punched it and zoomed around said idiot truck, so that my bootie didnt get squashed in between idiot electrical truck and big hay truck!! When I did, all those guys looked at me, like ahh, the nerve of her!! Nerve of me?? Sorry, no time for pictures, I didn't quite feel like dying today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Recent Food Poisioning??

Ok, so theres this friend of mine who was trying to be nice for my birthday and took me to dinner on Saturday at (unmentioned restaurant), however, its Mena, so it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, ie, it was a steakhouse, and Sissy used to work there and hated the absolute bitch that was her boss. So we both had steak, baked potatoes, salad, the works, ya know. So then on Sunday, I have this horrible stomachache and headache, and pass it off as just a fluke. Wrong, Monday morning, death was on the doorsteps waiting for me to join, as the nausea, vomiting and that awful "d" word consume my entire day. Oh, and the stomach cramps that went along with it, were enough to make you turn on your best friend, and your child!! So what do I do, I call my buddy up, and ask are you sick? He says, yeah, are you? We both say, WTF?? So being that they were closed Sunday and Monday...I told him that he ought to go up there and demand his money back!! The hell if we ever eat there again!!!