Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So today I'm cruizing along Hwy 88 E, if any of you truly know where this is, on the way home from a patient's house. He is truly the only reason I was on this particular highway anyways!! They have been resurfacing this road, so there is tiny pea gravel everywhere, and until today I had managed to avoid a major run in with the other idiots and morons that also travel this pea graveled disaster at 60 + mph. I am the moron going 25 mph like the sign says to avoid major damage to anyone elses BRAND NEW CAR!! Well, you guessed it, a particular moron hits the pea gravel doing well over 60 mph and uh huh, yep, pea gravel all over my car and my windshield. Now I couldn't be so lucky to get away without harm, right....WRONG!! This idiot busted the heck out of my windshield, and there are also a kajillion little rock chips all over the driver's side. Now pissed is not quite the word, I think I might possibly have used profanity that I didn't know existed until today. And whats worse, I know the moron that did this to me, so what do I do?? I call him up and leave a very nice little condescending message on his answering machine! And imagine to my surprise he hasn't called me back yet, and I don't figure that he will, being that I dated his son and the two of us, well aren't exactly on speaking terms. Oh wait, or is that just me? Either way, I'm screwed.

So I am in the parking lot at work, explaining to my co~worker what happened and waving and pointing frantically, when I see this vehicle pull up next to us, (thinking to myself, who the blank is that and what do they want)....then I see that it's Krissi and Caleb!!! Poor Caleb, he really isn't the little heathern that Krissi makes him out to be, but after hearing all the wonderful verbage come forth from my mouth, he very well might turn into one. Even though Krissi and I haven't seen each other in years, like at least 7-8, heck, maybe even 10, I admire her rantings on myspace and blogger! So today was the first official time that I got to lay eyes on Caleb!! He is quite the talker and very handsome, I might add!

So whatever I did to deserve this last week, last year, or quite possibly a lifetime ago, I'm really sorry to the Karma King and Queen, so can we eliminate these mishaps that seem to happen to me more often than not? Pretty Please??

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Anonymous said...

no way! your new car? time to beat someone else's car with a baseball bat...