Friday, March 27, 2009

Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus...

Yup, you guys, it's official. I have officially given up trying to read their minds, figure them out, or even give a damn. In the last week, the different encounters, conversations, texts, etc with the men in my life absolutely blow me away. I can't even begin to fathom or much less understand. Anyone wanna jump out on a ledge here and help a woman out?

First there's Bob, we'll call him that at least. Bob's situation is possibly the most intriguing of all. I will never ever understand him. I really like him and I really should hate him, that's my stupid pathetic idiotic problem. He's the one that makes my eyes light up when I see him and will run over someone to answer the phone when he calls. But Bob is stupid and needs to make some decisions about his life. Ok, so maybe he did, and they pissed me off, so that's the reason for this lil bloggy today. I'm the one that needs to make some decisions here, and I tried, I really tried, when he called the last time, to tell him, Good-bye, See Ya Never Again...but I couldn't do it, just couldn't do it. So sue me!

Then there's Texas, well, thats what we'll call him today. He's the old stand-by that is always there for me, listens to my whining, my rambling, and gives into my requests, whatever they may be. His situation is different because, well, he doesn't know what he wants in life, and he's well a tad bit different. Not different, like you and me different, he's special, special ed, alright! I've decided that he must really love me to put up with my crap, but I gave up on him long ago because he just doesn't know what he wants. He's just truly my friend that everyone says I will end up with. And that my dear is where I have a problem, because there's a few things that we heavily disagree on!

Then there's Courtesy, oh my..what a name. Ok, ok, that's what I named him cause that's what I did, ker-plunk! He's a nice guy or so I think, and seems really interested at times, and other times, seems very uninterested. Hot and Cold shall we say. Last week, I sent him a courtesy flush, and told him that I wanted to get to know him, but that he wasn't allowing it. Blah, blah. Haven't heard a word since the ker-plunk. So today, what happens? I'm sleeping...soundly and I hear this..."I've got 2 guns and one for each of ya" which is code for my text message going off. I raise up and think "who the hell is texting me at 8:30 am on my day off? Oh, it's you, joy, oh boy. To no avail, no plans have been set. Imagine that. EEIIGGHHH! We've been on one date and I haven't decided whether it was one date too many or one date too few...

Then there's B...he calls and texts, drunk dials me, and I'm so stupid that I answer, cause well, yes, I sleep with my phone on my nightstand, cause you never know who's calling and what they want. Refer back to "Bob"..But will he ever get up the nerve to ask me out on an actual date. Say it ain't so, cause it ain't happening! We've never went out, just talk and text...must be a man's fave thing to do..HA!

Ok, so is that enough weirdness for one day? I could sooo go on...but I won't continue to bore you with my jacked up jungle of a life! Advice? Ok, take it easy on me, will ya?

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