Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Buh Bye Taylor Swift"

It must be in the air, the water, the something, cause my daughter and I are not geeing and hawing lately. Yes, I admit, my patience level is numero zilcho, with all the stress that I have been under. However, with that being said, she will not mind, she has been whiny like crazy, and my official house rule is (This is a whine free zone)!! She glares at me with these awful looks, and she argues like crazy. So today, I had no other choice, I took away her beloved Taylor Swift tickets. I bought 4 of them for her b-day in September, that's all she talks about. Today I told her that I bet I could find some other girls that would love to go with me, because she has officially forfeited them due to her nasty behavior. Did she cry, fuss, whine? No, she just looked at me, like ok, whatever! She so wasn't even phased. I told her that if she wanted them back, she would have to earn them back with good behavior. She asked what that entailed? I explained that for starters, minding, not whining, acting like a good little princess, and doing what I asked her would help her to get them back. Her response, Oh...

So we shall see how long it takes to phase her or when the next time is that she asks about them? Anybody wanna place a wager?

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