Monday, May 25, 2009

Manic Monday

This coming Thursday will mark the seven week anniversary since Big Bertha came and destroyed our town. Since then, I, we, have all been working our little tushies off in the hopes to ever get all the cleanup done. My floors have been black for almost 7 weeks, and I mean black. But there was no need to clean them or attempt to clean them until the contractors got all done with the inside, right? So now, the inside is ALMOST officially done. We just need some trim and window sills to make it complete. Oh, and to have all my new furniture delivered. So since I am officially on vacation, I have been scrubbing the hell outta my floors for 2 days now, to the point that my hands, fingers, wrists, and upper arms actually hurt. Thats some serious scrubbin people! And what a way to spend your vacation, huh? Needless to say, I have been scrubbin gfor 2 days, and have went through like 8 Magic Erasers and think I need to buy stock in them now, cause they are new best friend and worst enemy all in one. 2 days and not even halfway done. Did I mention that I am sick of scrubbing?? Here are some pics...but they are last weeks pics. I still need to dl this weeks pics.

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