Monday, July 27, 2009

"Satan's Spawn"

Yes, in my case, that would be "AT&T"...and they are currently at my disposal right now! I have indeed waged war with them! And you ask, why? Let me tell you, please!!

My bill was due on July 7th, and I paid $151.48, and put $53.47 in claims, because they couldn't tell me where those charges came from. They told me that someone would call me back, but alas, never did. So I think that everything is hunky doory, right? Then wham, on Saturday, my cell phone isn't working, but my home phone and my DSL are? WTH? Did I mention that I went out of town to the lake all weekend and that Tay is in Branson with her father and they have no way of contacting me and vice versa?? So Saturday I couldn't get in touch with AT&T customer service, go figure! Sunday comes along and I am able to get ahold of someone and they said this.."I can't seem to figure out why your mobile has been suspended, you don't have any late charges or late fees?" "Hmm, but I can't turn your phone back on, because I don't know why they turned it off in the first place." Someone please explain this mumbo jumbo to me, cause it sure ain't making sense!! So me, desperate to have connection with my daughter said, so If I pay the bill that isn't even due till 8/7, will that turn on my phone? She says, Oh, yes ma'am, so I pay the blankety blank cell phone ever got turned back on.

So today is Monday, still no cell service, I'm seeing RED DAGERS!! I called them at precisely 8 am, and just now got off the phone. Heidi, the sweet girl that she is, had to turn it back on, but of course I wanted upper management to handle my rage. So luckily I got 2 very understanding gals on the phone, oh but I did mention that I was about to go postal and tell them to stick all 3 of my AT&T services where the sun doesn't shine(this is the rated version).

Apparently, that person back on 7/7 didn't actually put those charges in claims, so they turned my phone off over 50 smackers. Yes, 50 smackers!! Craziness, huh? So now they are trying to make me a "very satisfied customer"... I told them, I guess 6 years of paying bills on time does nothing for ones account. If your willing to turn it off over such a petty amount, then perhaps I do need to go elsewhere. So they are trying to make me a happy customer, this gal is supposed to call me back when she gets all my credits done. Think she really will??

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Kati said...

That is funny.. because we had a similar problem with ATT. We actually switched from TMobile for the sole purpose of using the IPhone.

The day after our bill was due, we got 4 texts (2 per phone) and 1 phone call each. We explained to them that the bill would be paid in full on Friday when the paycheck came in.

The snippy lady on the phone felt the need to comment about how she cant believe we even still have service and that it would be shut off by Friday (It was Tuesday). The NEXT day we got a letter in the mail.

I called again.. and told them that if this was going to be a monthly occurrence we were switching back.

Higher management informed me that my IpHone would be useless on any other service provider.

Needless to say, we switched back to Tmobile that Friday.. and did NOT pay the bill. They will be getting $5 per month for the next 40 years.

And we unlocked the Iphone and it is working wonderfully with Tmobile!