Monday, October 13, 2008


After dinner last night, Tay asked me what we were having tonight for dinner. I told her left overs, because there was plenty. She looked at me, and said, You may be, but I'm not. I'm going to Nana's. I said, really, and how exactly do you plan on getting there? She said, I don't know, I'll find a way! I explained that she wasn't going to Nana's, and that she would indeed be having leftovers. My, my, what a twist and turn of events.

This morning, my mom called, and asked what time Tay eats lunch, because she was going to be in town and wanted to have lunch with her. I told her the time and to be quite prepared because Tay would convince her to stay in town long enough to pick her up from school and thus her said story would come true. My mom laughed and said, ahh, I'm not going to be in town that long.

As I go on with my day, Mom called again, and said your suspicions were right, but didn't mention anything about taking her home, and said she would meet me at the house at 3:30 to give the cat her shots. I met her here and she said, Well, I am going to get Tay now. I said, what?? She said, yeah, I am taking her home. I said, you can't, then she's gonna think the world literally evolves around her. I was flabbergasted. Tay did not call my mom last night or today, unless she snuck in the bathroom and did it. So I'm convinced that Tay and Nana have a secret code or is it indeed ESP?


Krissi said...

Those Nana's live to prove us wrong don't they?? Its like pay back from all the crap we pulled on those Nana's or something!!!

Anonymous said...

oh puh-leeze! the world doesn't revolve around her but she does control the universe. thought ya knew!