Monday, October 13, 2008

Ignorant as Piss

So again today I am traveling down Hwy 88, I have decided that this place is surely gonna be the death of me. And what do you know, but such intelligent electricians are changing the power over from the old poles to the new improved poles. Being the very smart men that they are, they decide to stop right over the edge of a hill in the middle of the road, mind you, where I am behind them but anyone else who flys over the top of the hill is not going to see them or me, until its way too late. So as I am sitting there with my window rolled down (Words cannot describe what I am thinking right now) with my flashers on waiting for the piss ignorant morons to move their ginormous truck outta the way so I can go around, (traffic is whizzing by me in the oncoming lane), thus I can't go around. Yup, I see it, a big hay truck hauling bootie coming over the hill, I punched it and zoomed around said idiot truck, so that my bootie didnt get squashed in between idiot electrical truck and big hay truck!! When I did, all those guys looked at me, like ahh, the nerve of her!! Nerve of me?? Sorry, no time for pictures, I didn't quite feel like dying today.

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