Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I know, I know....

I know, I know, I have been way lacking in my bloggy abilities lately. But for those who care, I have a new job that keeps me away from the house 12 hours a day, 4 days a week. That means, that the other 3 days, I have to do all the laundry, clean house, grocery shopping, run the kiddo around here, there and yonder, and it just doesn't leave time for much else. LOL So on the days that I do work, nothing, I mean nada, gets done, except for the necessities! And those barely get done, for crying out loud.

Guess I'll have to skip the whole Christmas post....and start fresh.

Satan has decided that he's trying to get uber friendly with me and my family, and frankly, I DON'T LIKE IT!! DO you hear me? I don't! And YOU will not win! Do I need to say it again? Cuz I will! The last few weeks, he has been atacking in more ways than one. I admit, I let it get me down and now I'm mad and fighting back.

The most important thing that is going on is with Taylor, my baby. Last week, she was complaining of pain to her posterior knee. I admit, I blew it off to leg cramps, growing pains, Charley horses, you know the drill. With a mom that's a nurse, if your breathing and not gushing blood from a major artery, all other things seem miniscule.

After her basketball game last week, she was complaining even more, so I decided to investigate further. Wow, did I feel bad? The back of her knee was swollen, hot and red. Classic signs of a blood clot. Yeah, way to go nursey mom! You totally screwed this one up. So I threw her in the car and away we go. Shall I even mention that our wonderful hospital did nothing? Yes, virtually nothing, might as well have kept her at home for all they did. Sent her home with ABX, and she'll be fine. Well, she wasn't fine then and she isn't fine now. I took her to her PCP on Monday, be it mother's intuition. Luckily her doctor did an ultrasound and labs. Wow, would you guess that there's 2 cysts(masses) growing in the back of her right knee. Trying not to panic, her dr. scheduled an appt with a surgeon. I want to take that ultrasound report and throw it in the ER doctor's face. HA, you fool!! There is something wrong, you idiot, we're not hypochrondiacs like everyone else you see.

Ok, so enough of that, we have an appt tomorrow and Monday, so please pray, wish, hope, whatever it is that you peeps do these days. I'm all for it, mmm, k! I just pray that my baby is ok, and that we do NOT have to go through anymore surgeries as she has already had 4 in 6 years. I'll try to do better in my bloggy world abilities and keep you all posted. Thanks again in advance for any prayers for my baby girl.

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Krissi said...

You know our thoughts and prayers are with you guys... if there is ANYTHING we can do please don't even hesitate to call, email, write, send smoke signals what ever it is that you peeps do these days.. Mmmmm K!!