Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maybe my wish came true...

So yesterday I said something about wanting to hole up for a few days with the help of electricity in this ice overtaken state we're in....

Last night, I got the call from my boss, "We're closed tomorrow, don't come to work!!" I say, Yeah, a four day weekend, maybe I can get some stuff done!

So today, I was totally lazy, soaking up lots and lots of time online just in case the power went out, and when Tay fell asleep, I thought, I better get some cleaning done. Got the house swept and mopped(all hardwood and tile), it's quite a job!

Tonight at dinner, the phone rings, caller id gives it all away!! It's the boss again, "Ronda, We're closed again tomorrow!!" Woo HOO!! A five day weekend!! So tomorrow, Tay gets to take her dressing off and hopefully try to straighten out her leg completely. So I'm praying that she is able to go to school on Thursday, cause this little miracle isn't going to last the whole week, lol!!

So I'm very grateful for the ice considering, because it allowed me to stay home with Tay while she recovers and not get dinged for missing work. We have played rummy til I'm sick of rummy, (being a rummy lover, I didn't know that could happen). She's quite the little card player and has kicked my butt a few times the last few days! So far, so good, on the power staying on, just praying we make it through the night tonight, staying warm, and the uphill battle may have been won!! Hope you are all staying warm right now!!

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Krissi said...

So far so good here! I am glad that you have been able to stay home with her for her recovery, hopefully all goes well tomorrow with the dressing and all. I will be keeping you in my prayers (so long as you promise to return the favor and pray that we keep our power... and our tree in the front yard LOL I love that little tree... but right now it's sad and oh so heavy with ice and with the snow and wind we've got coming down I think this may be the end of my poor little tree). Have a good night, keep warm and thank god for all of his blessings upon us all :)