Monday, January 26, 2009

Surgery Update

Taylor had her surgery this morning, and everything went smooth for the most part. He removed the two masses which he now thinks are overly sized lymph nodes, but doesn't know why they were 2x their normal size. He completely removed both of them and sent them off to the pathologist and we will get the results when we go back to see him next week. He was afraid that they were masses growing off of the bone or the muscle, which wouldn't be good, but they weren't so....chocolate cake, remember!!

So we are home, and she's doing really good, better than I expected. No school for a few days, and with the ice coming, maybe we will get to hole up for a few days and relax(one can dream, right?) So again, thank you for all of the prayers, well wishes and thoughts. I hope this is all the start of a turn in the right direction for us!!


Krissi said...

Praise the lord :) That is great. You guys just stay in, stay warm and enjoy a few days at home. We are doing just that. I took Caleb to the Dr. today he now has a cold, ear infection and pink eye! Woo hoo fun times!!

Kori said...

Still praying for ya'll. Praying for them to be chocolate cake-ish.

Krissi said...

We have over two inches of ice now, add about a 1/2 inch of sleet and lord almighty it's coming down with some snow at the moment! WHEN? WHEN? WHEN will it end??

Ronda's Rants said...

Hot diggety dog....great news!
I will keep praying..God bless you both!