Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Madness

So against my better judgement I decided to go and show my face at this madness they call Black Friday. Now I know exactly why it's called Black Friday, Raving Lunatic Day would be more like it. OMG, I have never seen so many people packed into Wally World ever in my life. I mean, if the place was to blow, the entire populus of Polk County was there..Bye, Bye World!

Anyways, so this year, unlike other years, they let people in the doors, they just had everything black taped and I do mean, black taped, garbage bagged up, not even a toddler with a pair of scissors could get in there! People were lined up next to their most prized item of choice and then would attempt to get to the next item of choice, well, that was merely IMPOSSIBLE. They even had a countdown at 5 people could start ripping and tearing the bagged items. I had more than my fair share of getting the buggy rammed in my ankles, feet, back, butt and frankly it was more than enough for me. Hell, you couldn't see peoples feet, or anything else for that matter. It looked like WWII went off in there, only with people. I tried to be polite and say excuse me, sorry, may I please get through, but by the end, it is totally a lost cause and you pray that no one is gonna take you out and attempt to end your life over something so stupid. But with me being 7 feet tall and bulletproof, I have yet to have that happen, not even today.

I spoke with someone who had been there since 2:30 am, I mean, really people, is anything out there worth getting up at 2 am and standing in line for 2 1/2 hours, I think not. Not in my book anyways. I was there at 5 am and don't think the chickens had even started crowing yet! However, I would like to mention that I was able to get everything that I wanted from the madness and I didn't get up at 2 am, heck I didn't even go to bed at all, but we aren't even gonna talk about that here, LOL. (I'll just say that it was totally worth it, you get the picture, right)?

So now I can say that all of my shopping is totally done, praise GOD! Now, in my raging insanity, I have 3 kids running around my feet since coming home from the said madness. I think I must have forgotten that I have had Zero hours of sleep when I agreed to watch the kids so my mom and sister could go shopping. Yikes, and to think I actually considered having another one in the future. Wow, what a dream!! NOT!!

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Krissi said...

You got balls girl, that is all I can say! At 5am I was tucked nice and warmly into my bed having some pretty sweet dreams I'm sure! LOL

I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet, however, we did get our tree put up today!! Yeah me!!