Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Faced and Angry as Hell.....

So now that you all now that I lost me job due to something ever so stupid. Today...I went up to my previous office the right way, asked to speak to said previous boss, and the secretary came back and said that I needed to contact human resources.. I looked at her and said, you tell her to come out and talk to me because HR will not return my calls. So eventually the previous boss came out and I asked her to fill out an employment verification form so that I can get my OK license. She refused and said that she can't. My response, can't or won't?? She said, they(being HR) told her that she can't do anything for me. I said, this paper isn't for my unemployment, me being shit~canned or anything to do with anything, other than the fact that I worked there and worked greater than 520 hours in the last 2 years. She still refused. I told her that she cannot keep me from getting another job! At this point, I am getting furious, (and I even took Tay with me as a character witness), so if needed she could tell the truth about what took place. So I told the boss that I would be back if HR didn't return my calls again, and she informed me not to bother, that I was never welcome there and she would call the police and have me escorted off the premises. I said, for what, asking questions?? Go ahead, call them, what can they do? She then said, if you don't leave now, I will call them and have you taken away! I couldn't help but laugh out loud and say, really, what exactly would they be hauling me off for, as I have done NOTHING wrong. My nursing license IS NOT in jeopardy, I did not steal anything from this company, etc. She's making such a scene, and I was getting madder by the minute, so I laughed some more, and said "THIS IS A JOKE" and walked out the door. If flames could have emploded from my body, this would have been the day for it.

So then, we come home and I asked Tay if she had any homework, she said no. I was looking through her papers from yesterday and their was homework papers in big bold letters that was never completed or turned in. I took it to her and said, what is this? She said, I didn't know about it. I said, it's your responsibility to know about it. You are 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. This is not KINDERGARTEN anymore! I was so mad that she lied to me last night about not having any homework. So I tell her to sit down and do the homework right now. She does so and brings it to me so I can check it. I checked it and one was wrong...she had put 65-5, was 50, I told her it was incorrect and to go fix it. She then started arguing with me about the validity of the question and that it was not wrong. I threatened to get the fly swatter and beat her with it if she did not go sit down and fix the problem. After she sits down, she informs me of this, Oh, Mom, BTW, I had to sit in class during the last recess and do my homework that I didn't turn in this morning. Really, I said, fuming by now!! Thats funny, I so remember asking you earlier when I picked you up from school about your day, and your responce was that you had a great day, no problems, no getting in trouble, and so on. My, my, how this so turned out to be a Xanax Martini day! And it's only 5:00!! So then, Brian walks in...and said, wow, your face is very red......Really, no way, I would have never guessed after the events that have taken place in the last hour. Needless to say, I was already in the process of having a cold one, yes, I certifiably fell off the rocker. I still feel like I could explode into a million tiny little pieces. So Amanda, if I make it in one piece tomorrow, I will no doubt drink myself into oblivion!! Ok, maybe not quite oblivion!!

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Krissi said...

WOW!I am so sorry you had such a bad day, strike that, SH*TTY day! What a bunch of a-holes at your old job! I'd well I don't know what I would do but when I think of something you will be the first to know!