Saturday, November 29, 2008

For the love of God....

Everyone knows that it's deer season and thank goodness it is almost over! I am forbidden to say anything about my hunny's huntin! But man, is it hard? And what makes it worse, is a month ago, he popped off and said, oh, I can goof off and kill more than Jared or dad, and don't worry, I'll fill your freezer full!! My, how the tides have turned! He certifiably jinxed hisself is what he did, he killed a doe with his bow, got nothing with his muzzleloader and still nothing during rifle season. However, the other night, he did bring home some roadkill, lol! Don't ask! Ask me how I know all this, because it is making my life miserable, that's why!! Season ends tomorrow in Zone 11, blah, blah, and next Sunday in Zone such and such!! So basically he told me tonight that if I could put up with it another week, I would have him back, lol. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. He says that not killing anything doesn't bother him, and I told him that he was going to hell for lying! So he finally admitted it, and I told him that whether or not he knew it, he was grumpy and bitter, and I was ready to have my sweetness back.

Then he informs me that the month of April is turkey season and well, if I thought he was MIA during November, I haven't seen anything yet! Oh boy, I can't wait! At least theres almost 6 months between them. This huntin season crap is like mens very own PMS month...and they say we get grumpy, doubt it!

So yall, please pray for my sanity and let that man kill something tomorrow, whether it have horns or not! Otherwise I may inevitably go stark raving mad!

Oh and BTW, just in case anyone else is reading this, in my defense, I don't mind the huntin, it's the not killing anything that makes my life miserable, because it makes him miserable whether he admits it or NOT!! Anyone else have these issues at home?


Krissi said...

Next year the very top of my list of things I am thankful for will be the fact that Danny does NOT hunt :) Thank God for the small stuff right??

Sissy said...

do you know how much it cracks me up to have to click through the warning on your blog? my bad blog doesn't even have a warning! you are about an average of 5 "fucks" per post behind to qualify for the warning :)
go check out Martians - got a post just for you!