Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blessings from Above...

Here I sit, in bloggy world while everything I have slaved for this morning in the kitchen may be on fire and black by now, lol! I am responsible for all of the pies, just to name a few, sweet potatoe pecan (yummy if I do say so myself) apple, pumpkin, chocolate turtle and last but not least peanut butter pie, oh yum!! Oh yeah, I also am making homemade yeast rolls, those big fluffy ones that melt in your mouth, yall just pray that I don't screw those up!!

And for those of you that know the details of my life and the shenanigans that it encompasses, yesterday was a very good day. I got approved for my unemployment and got another large cash flow that came in, so Thank You, Lord for those wonderful blessings, everything is going to be ok. It never ceases to amaze me how he follows through so well and I am well, so far from perfect. But I give Him all the glory.

Just wanted to wish you all a very blessed day with family and friends, and that we can truly open our eyes and our hearts and cherish all the wonderful gifts that we have received and give thanks to the One who has provided so much! Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

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Krissi said...

I just want to know where my apple dumplins are at???? Yeah I wish I had those to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!

I made one... pumpkin pie, told the rest of the fam that is coming if they want anything else they can bring it!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.. send our love to the family!!