Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Bump in the Road/A Day with the Giggles...

I got a phone call from B, stating that his aunt had passed away. This all happened very suddenly, and the entire family was very shocked by this, especially B, as he had just seen her a few days before, laughing and acting silly. I didn't know what words to say or how to say them to make him feel better. And to make matters worse, the funeral that he was to be a pallbearer in was on his 35th birthday. Not to make for a great day, eh? Needless to say the day got worse then better, and I tried my dangest to make up for it. When all this had happened, I offered to help with the kids to make life easier on the family because frankly, I didn't know what else to do. So here are some crazy pics from the day with me and the girls(B's nieces)....that I have come to love....We all had a blast and I hated to see them pics of Tay noted, as she was at her daddy's. Aren't they all just the cutest??

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