Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wild Imaginations

Thanks to Krissi and Caleb's blue house story, it reminded me of this more than hilarious moment of Tay's past!

When she was about 3, she had the most wild and vivid imagination, actually she drove me nuts with it, but psychologists say that kids with these kinds of imagination will be super smart. Ok, I'm down with that, so let her rip, right? Wrong, I believe that DHS almost got called on this day...

One particular winter day in Goody's, I was Christmas shopping and they have those racks in the kid section with pillows, blankets, etc. on them. I was on the other side of the rack from Tay, looking at clothes, etc., but, I could hear her talking and babbling like she always did, so I thought nothing of it, till we went to leave that section. I walked around the rack and she had made the most extravagant fence and housing out of everything on this rack. My mouth dropped open and immediately I told her that we had to get it cleaned up and put back like it was! Her response was, but mom, this is my benny pig house. (Benny pigs are really guinea pigs, but she's 3, and they have them at her daycare, so she calls them her benny pigs).

Me: Taylor hunny, we have to pick this up.

Tay: Ok, but just let me get all my benny pigs out first.

Me: Ok, but let's hurry!

Tay: Ok, mom, I think I got them all.

Me: Good, then let's put you back in the buggy and let's go before we draw even more attention to ourselves.

Tay: (As I am pushing her away in the buggy) screams at the top of her lungs, MOMMA, you forgot one, you have to go back and get him!!

Me: Ok, where is he?

Tay: He's over there hiding by the rack.

Me: (I walk over to where I think he is and attempt to get him), and attempt to scoop up this imaginary benny pig in my arms.

Tay: (Holds out her hands to get him from me, and says, Oh Momma, thank goodness you got him, we almost left him here without his family!)

Me: Thank god that's over, as I am pushing the buggy away and look to my left, and what do you know, there stands the manager ever so intently watching us, I just about died right there, but all I could stammer out, was, "You know, kids with wild imaginations are super smart, right?" He looked at me, like, Yeah right, lady, you have lost your damn mind and your kid too!!

Needless to say, we hightailed it out of there!!

And the other story that is ever so crazy....we have friends with a son named Zion, and Tay always liked him because his knickname was "Handsome", and it fit! Well, she informed me one day that Zion lived under my bed, so on a daily basis we would have to check on him, take him food and water, etc. She would talk to him like he was sitting right there next to her. Thank God she was only 3, or I might have had her committed!!

Oh, the things our children make us endure! I try to tell myself everyday that IT IS worth it, right??

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Krissi said...

Sweet! I knew our kids would be the "smart ones"!