Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Misc rantings....

So, to my previous blog about huntin, he got a deer on Sunday, his dogs ran it right through the yard, talk about not having to work for it! And I reaped the benefits, lol! Thank you, Lord, perhaps now I will survive. If I can only make it another week??

Yesterday I went and saw several friends/family around the community and took them Christmas cards and tins with samplings of all the homemade Christmas candy that Tay and I made on Sunday. They just loved it. And frankly, I was ready to see it go, as in 24 hours, more than 5# was added to my backside from just looking at it! Ok, ok....I did some sampling for myself, too! You caught me!! But how can one resist, it's good stuff!
Today I will be wrapping all the presents and putting them under the tree, if the cat doesn't kill the tree first or me kill her first. She has already broke a limb off of it! If she wasn't worth her weight in gold, said Angel cat would have found a new home elsewhere. When I mentioned this to Brian, he said, but it's her first Christmas, you can't punish her! The hell I can't, it was you making my life miserable, now its the friggin cat!! Any suggestions or ideas to keep the cat outta the dang tree??
So, yes, I think I am ready to go back to work, but then again, maybe not, I'm enjoying being ahead and on top of things right now.....as this changes every 5 minutes!!

Here's the latest pic to my album....talk about eating it up, Tay is in love with Santa, my, my, how her heart will ache when she finds out the devastating truth. When we were in Texarkana last week, she sat on his lap for at least 10 minutes just talking it up with him. I refused to buy the $25 pictures because she is 7, and well, frankly, she looks 10, and I get a few not so nice looks every time I let her go through this charade! So we are at Wally World on Sunday, and guess who is there? Yup, you guessed it, Santa, so she just had to go and sit in his lap once more, and every time she adds something to the list. Does this kid not know that I(Santa) is jobless and the shopping is done, and she is getting nothing else!! Please, someone explain this to her, as she is NOT getting it!! Oh, and the best part...after she got her pic taken and we were walking away, she said, momma, did you hear what Santa said, He said, "I look cute, yep, I'm cute cause Santa said!"
Oh BTW, who cares if the Campbells and Goldfish Ads are on the pic, it was FREE!! And these days, I'm all about that!!


Krissi said...

Please, please, please tell me that all kids don't grow up this fast???? She looks SOOOO grown up!!!

~Ronda~ said...

Unfortunately, my dear, they do. Yours is coming, I promise. This week I have looked at pics and videos from the past, and almost cry, because my baby is growing up so fast, and there's nothing I can do about it!!