Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Heartwarming and Tearful

I admit that I watch more tv in the winter than the normal person should, but when I saw the advertisements for the new show, "The Secret Millionaire"...I was a bit skeptical! But after watching its premiere tonight, I absolutely fell in love with it! We need more of these kind of reality shows that help people who are far less fortunate than any of us. I just love Extreme Makeover and cry like a baby sometimes because it's so heartwarming! Well, tonight, I cried like a baby, because Greg & Cole (millionaires from CA) gave a family whose young daughter has bone cancer $50 grand! They don't have insurance and are on the verge of losing their jobs, house, everything! I totally think we should all do our part to pay it forward, and even more so if you are blooming with millions! It's a wonderful feeling to give or help others and this is an incredible way to help others that are truly deserving! You should all watch it at least once if you didn't tonight...

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